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Proper Water Balance

Proper water balance in your pool or hot tub is important because balanced water will:

  1. Prevent water-borne illnesses
  2. Extend the life of your pool/spa equipment
  3. Provide a nice, inviting environment for your family and friends

You should always balance water in the following order:

  1. Total Alkalinity
  2. pH
  3. Total Hardness
  4. anitizer
Total Alkalinity

This represents the pH’s resistance to change.  We want this number in between 125-150 ppm on most systems.  In a saltwater system the range can be 80-150 ppm.  If this number is lower than that range your pH is very erratic and will change often.  If this number is higher than the range it takes more product than it should to change your pH.  Instead of using 1 ounce of a pH increaser or decreaser it may take 3-4 ounces to make the same adjustment.


pH is how “acidic” or “basic” your pool/spa water is.  The ideal number for this parameter is 7.5.  Most chemical systems will operate efficiently between 7.2-7.8.  When your pH gets out of this range, sanitizers (chlorine/bromine) become less effective at neutralizing the bacteria in the water.  Also, if the pH gets above 7.8 and stays there, you can encounter issues with calcium in the pool/spa itself and also in the equipment, leading to costly replacements of your equipment.

Total Hardness

This is the total amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water.  Pool/spa water needs a certain amount of calcium in it; if it’s too low the water will become corrosive as it looks for more calcium.  If the level is too high, the calcium can start to form in the pool/spa in unbalanced water.  Low levels of calcium are very hard on different pool/spa surfaces (concrete/plaster/vinyl) and also the equipment which can cause premature failure.  Too high of levels can result in the calcium forming inside of the equipment which will also shorten the life of the equipment, and also form calcium deposits on your spa shell or on the inside of the pool itself.


Chlorine and Bromine are the most common sanitizers used in pools or hot tubs.  These take care of the “stuff” we leave behind I.E. sweat, body oils, soaps/shampoos, dead skin, etc. Having the proper amount of sanitizer in your water is your best defense against “green” pool/spa water.  The right amount of sanitizer in your pool/spa water will also guarantee everyone has a safe swimming experience with no health concerns.

Free Water Testing

At Water City Pool & Spa we have state-of-the-art water testing equipment to let you know where these parameters sit in your pool/spa water.  And if any adjustments need to be made, we can let you know what product to use, how much of said product, and how to apply it for optimal results.  Water testing takes a just few minutes and we help you with any adjustments that need to be made while you’re in the store, so you can feel at ease with your investment.  And did we mention we do this for FREE?!

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